Small Cat Careers – Registration Form

Welcome to Small Cat Careers

Small Cat Careers is a brand new four-part program designed to help students explore, get creative and learn more about the exciting careers available in the technology and trade industries. Using virtual teaching and a custom-made supply kit, your students will be guided through a unique set of activities whilst getting to know all about our sweet furry friend, Small Cat!

This program can be customised to your own class schedule. You might want to run all four sessions in a week or work together over a month. The choice is yours! Before beginning, you’ll need to confirm your dates and request a supply kit using the form below.


Small Cat Careers - Booking form

*Skills Canada – Nova Scotia notes that requested Supply Kits can take up to 10 Business Days to arrive at the Designated Mailing Address.*
  • Each kit contains supplies for one class. Please indicate how many students per class: