In-School Presentations & Skills 101

Discovering Skills Presentations

Making decisions on one’s future career can be overwhelming.Our free, engaging, & interactive hour-long presentationoffers information on skilled trades and technologies, showcases our SCNS programming, and will get your students thinking about their own personal strengths, and passions in life. 

  • Delivered in-person across Nova Scotia from October to May.  
  • Tailored to students grades 8-12 
  • No maximum # of students.
  • Also includes games and prizes!

Fun fact: across 15,000+ students reached over the past five years, 98% would recommend this presentation to others.

To request a Discovering Skills Presentation, please click the button below and fill out a registration form.

For more information, please contact our presenter, Chris Gallant at chrisgallant@skillsns.ca 

Discovering Skills and Skills 101 Presenter Chris Gallant

Skills 101 – Career Exploration Video Series with Chris Gallant 

To complement Chris’s in-class presentations we’re also offering a similar experience to help teach you all about skilled trades and technologies. Skills 101 is a 10-part video series that we are offering virtually.

  • Skills 101 is always available on demand
  • Watch in order, or simply select the title that interests you the most  
  • Tailored to grades 8-12

Fun fact: 95% of students who’ve viewed Skills 101 would recommend it to others. 

Although it can be consumed independently, we also recommend watching with students after receiving the in-school presentation as a fun way to reflect on similar, relevant information, presented in a different way!  You can check it out here.

Enter the Skills 101 classroom here

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