Skills Canada – Nova Scotia Programming

If you’re looking to engage your students with career ready skills, Skills Canada – Nova Scotia is here to help! We offer a variety of programs to help youth explore skilled trades and technologies. Our programming is fun, interactive, and is sure to keep your students engaged.

Some of the programming we offer for junior and senior high school students include:

  • Hands on career exploration
  • Essential skills training for trades and technology
  • In-class room presentations
  • Virtual online learning

For post secondary, secondary and apprenticeships we have our annual events: The Nova Scotia Skills Competition and Career Showcase.

Skilled Futures

The Skilled Futures series offers students a chance to take part in interactive skilled trade and technology workshops. Made for junior high and high school levels, it is a series of one-day career exploration events.

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Skills for Success

At Skills Canada Nova Scotia, we consider these 9 skills to be the foundation for all skilled trades and technologies careers.

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Discovering Skills Presentations

In-school presentations continue to be one of SCNS’s most effective tools for promoting skilled trades and technologies to Nova Scotian youth.

Man speaking to students with a slideshow behind him.

School Tours of Competitions

Junior and senior high school students get to experience the Nova Scotia Skills Competition firsthand. An interactive event that showcases skilled trade and technology activities and exhibits.

Teenagers at an iteractive tech event

Accessibility Services Workshops

Skills Canada Nova Scotia helps individuals with disabilities explore their career ready skills in trade and technology.

Teacher holding a camera for a student and teaching them to photograph another student on a backdrop.

Career Showcase

The Skills Canada Career Showcase brings an interactive experience to over 2,000 students each year.

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