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Tools to help you explore a whole world of career options

Skills 101:

Your new favourite classroom! In this 10 part video series, Chris will give you the low down on everything SCNS has to offer. This includes career exploration, skilled trades and technologies.

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Skills for Success:

Our Skills for Success Program is now offered in two different ways: Journey Across Canada, and Skiller Island. Sign up today and learn all about the 9 Skills for Success.

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Skilled Futures:

Dive deeper into career exploration. These videos and activities will help you experience what it is like to work in skilled trades and technologies. Find out more about specific industries and choose the path that is right for you.

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Strive for excellence

Now that you’ve explored all our online resources, we welcome you to put your skills to the test at our annual Nova Scotia Skills Competition. To learn more about how to compete, visit our competitions page.

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