Essential Skills

Welcome to Skiller Island

Skills Canada Nova Scotia’s Essential Skills Challenge has gone virtual this year. Join us on “Skiller Island”, where you’ll use your 9 Essential Skills to complete challenges and escape to safety. Not only will these skills save you from the dangers of the deserted island, but you’ll discover how important they are when pursuing your future careers.

Before beginning, you’ll need a supply kit. If you haven’t received a supply kit yet, please order one here.

Video 1: Skiller Island Activity One

Video 2: Skiller Island Activity Two

Video 3: Skiller Island Activity Three

Video 4: Skiller Island Activity Four

Video 5: Skiller Island Activity Five

Video 6: Skiller Island Activity Six

  • Introduction: Welcome to Skiller Island 

    Your journey is about to begin! Let’s start by introducing our tour guide, Professor Castaway, and learning a bit more about the 9 Essential Skills. Then play “Five to Survive” to make sure you have what it takes to get off the island.

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  • Find your way 

    Now that you’re prepared for the next few days on Skiller Island, you’ll need to find your way to the waterfall and shelter for the night. Your journey won’t be easy as you will have to complete “Masked Maze” first. (*Supplies from kit needed: buffs, markers, maze)

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  • Thirsty for more 

    Time to fill up those canteens. Nothing on Skiller Island is easy though, so follow Professor Castaway’s instructions carefully. After completing “Hydration Station” you’ll have a full canteen of fresh water for the rest of your time on Skiller Island.

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  • Crack the code 

    Luck is on your side as Petey the Parrot is here to help you get home. The message is encoded, but you have the skills to solve it. Use “Symbol Solver” to figure out what you’ll need to continue your journey.

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  • Sink or Swim 

    Your last step to get off the island. Using the instructions and supplies provided, you’ll soon be “Floating to Freedom”. Beware of stowaways! Professor Castaway would love a change in scenery. (*Supplies from kit needed: one paper bag per student)

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  • The sad farewell 

    Congratulations! You’ve done it. Now find out how you used your Essential Skills during this challenge and discover how they’ll help you in your journey to a career you love.

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