Job Skill Demonstration

Skills Canada – Nova Scotia is proud to offer Mini Competitions this fall. Secondary students across the province are invited to participate in the upcoming 2021 Mini Competition for Job Skill Demonstration.

What is Job Skill Demonstration?

The ability to perform effective technical demonstrations is an important skill for everyone to possess. Students are required to do this throughout their academic years, as special school projects often have to be presented to classmates and teachers. These types of demonstrations are also necessary in the workforce, whether you are giving an update to a project team, making a sales presentation to a client, or trying to convince your supervisor of the validity of a proposal. This skill is invaluable no matter what your career aspirations. 

The purpose of the competition is to evaluate each competitor’s ability to demonstrate and fully communicate the process of the occupation of their choosing. Competitor’s are asked to select a occupation from the Skills Canada national contest areas. However, competitors who wish to demo a occupation other then the national contest areas must receive judge approval prior to registering.

A Job Skills Competitor is showcasing complex makeup techniques

If you are already proficient in a particular skilled trade or technology and feel confident presenting, then job skills demonstration is the event for you.

Registration deadline – November 10th at 5pm

What to expect!

Competitors will be asked to submit a 20-30 minute video demonstration of their chosen occupation by November 19th at 5pm. Competitors will then participate in a virtual Q&A with the judges to further understand their demonstration.

For a full breakdown of the competition including supporting documents and deadlines view the full contest description here!

Did we mention prizes?

The top competitors will win prizes and everyone that participates will walk away with judge feedback and a Competitor Certificate to add to their portfolio. What better way to prepare for the 2022 Nova Scotia Skills Competition then by participating in this virtual event!

*Finalist will receive a gift card to use to purchase equipment and tools specific to their demonstrated occupation. Prizes will only be presented at this years Mini Competition for Job Skill Demonstration. Finalist gift card selection is subject to the approval of Skills Canada – Nova Scotia.
Gift Cards in skill cubes in descending order from $100 to $75 to $50

If you have any questions please contact our Competition Coordinator, Bethany Poulsen.