2021 Job Skill Demonstration Mini Competition

This November, Skills Canada-Nova Scotia (SCNS) hosted the Job Skill Demonstration Mini Competition. The purpose of the Job Skill Demonstration contest area is to evaluate each competitor’s ability to demonstrate and fully communicate the process of the occupation of their choosing. Competitors were asked to select an occupation from the Skills Canada National Competition’s contest areas.

The aim for the Job Skill Demonstration Mini Competition was to re-engage students in competitions prior to the launch of the 2022 Nova Scotia Skills Competition this spring. Mini Competitions allow students to practice their skills in a scaled down version of the provincial event. This is the second time SCNS has hosted a Mini Competition. In 2021, SCNS hosted its first Mini Competition in Job Search.  

There were a variety of occupations selected to demo at this year’s event including public speaking, culinary, baking, electrical installation, and workplace safety. The competitors were asked to submit a 20–30-minute video demonstration of their chosen occupation, followed by an interview with judges to further demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Congratulation to the three top competitors:

First Place: Juan Lopera

Second Place: Ronan Doherty

Third Place: Ash Tomlik

The Job Skill Demo Mini Competition was a major success, and we hope to see all competitors return to compete in the 2022 Nova Scotia Skills Competition.