SCNS Recognizes Long-Standing Volunteers

Skills Canada – Nova Scotia (SCNS) relies heavily on the support of volunteers. We are fortunate enough to work with truly dedicated individuals and we could not offer a wide-range of programming without them.

There is one group of volunteers we rely on more heavily throughout the year – our provincial technical committee (PTC). These are the individuals who plan and facilitate our competitions. They bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as they design and facilitate contest descriptions, material lists, competition projects, marking rubrics, and drawings. They do it because they’re passionate about their skill and they’re passionate about providing youth with opportunities to explore skilled trades and technologies. We couldn’t offer the competitions without them.

As a part of our 20th anniversary celebration, special recognition was recently given to our long-standing provincial technical committee volunteers for their dedication and commitment to our organization, and their efforts towards the planning and delivery of competitions. Service awards were presented on stage at the Skills Excellence Awards on Dec 6, 2018.

10 Year Award Recipients:

Martin Beattie
Randy Bourque
Andrew Church
Matt Corkum
Robert Gibson

Curt Goodwin
Peter Gatza
Sean Kettley
Rick Long
Linda MacLeod
Wayne MacPherson
Crystal Marshall
Tom Molloy
Andrew Morash
Jeff Muise

Brian Nicholl
Charles Probert
Arno Raymakers
Owen Sanford
Debbie Smith
Hal Smith
Jane Stronach

Bradley Thomas
Kelly Tompkins

15 Year Service Award Recipients:

James Blinn
Michael Contant
Kevin O’Halloran
Darrell Sampson
Steve Stewart
Bonnie Williams
Mathew Wilson

20 Year Service Award Recipients:

Kevin Gerrior

*Special presentation to the family of Bill Ferguson (1955-2017) for his 20 years of service to SCNS.