2017 Volunteer of the Year

In the past we’ve honoured board members, volunteers who help organize the provincial and national level competitions, competitor coaches, and Team NS chaperones. This year we’ve decided to go another route, as there was one individual who really stood out.

Most of our successful competitors achieve success because of a support team. It could be the teacher who encouraged them to sign up; an employer who allowed them to take the time to learn a specific skill needed for the next level of competition; and in many cases it’s the support system they have right at home – their parents.

Dave Thornhill has been involved with Skills Canada – Nova Scotia for 3 years now, watching from the sidelines as his son Justin competes at the regional, provincial, and national level in carpentry.

His pride is evident from across the room as he pays attention to every swing of the hammer, turn of a screw, and cut of a saw. He knows step-by-step what his son should be doing – because they’ve done it time and time again in training.

Last year, Justin built so many dog houses and play houses in the Thornhill backyard that we’re pretty sure the Canadian Tax and Revenue Agency dropped by to find out details on the sort of business they were running.

Dave wants to see his children succeed, and plans to be there every step of the way. He has been to competitions in Halifax, Port Hawkesbury and Winnipeg – all just to watch. And support. His work is done, and he relishes seeing it all pay off in the talent of his son.

This year Justin won the silver medal at the Skills Canada National Competition in Winnipeg, and we’re pretty sure Dave feels as if he has won too. While Dave has never registered to be an official volunteer for SCNS, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to show our appreciation for a parent who has gone above and beyond their call of duty.